We take care of the entire
reverse logistics process

Enabling brands and retailers to
join the circular economy

ReCommerce Recycle

We actively support the circular economy and help resellers have an opportunity to establish themselves as a sustainable brand while being cost effective and promoting recycling.

RMS Returns

A return is an opportunity to learn something about your products and customers. It’s the chance to answer the question: “What items were returned and why?”


By keeping stock, both retailers and manufacturers can continue to sell or build items. Inventory is a major asset on the balance sheet for most companies. However, too much inventory can become a practical liability.



If you have an eye for rental circular fashion in the clothing retail world, we may have an opportunity for you by turning that passion into a career. The clothing recycling market is the new frontier to conquer, which is why choosing our franchise model can be so appealing. Start today and help the planet by being sustainable and profitable with our new system.

Brian Adams

Founder of the The Return


What We Offer

Helping build a sustainable world requires all of us to do our part to help
the environment. Welcome to the world of circular fashion.

Friendly Returns

At The Return location your customer
can return goods offering a hassle-free experience within 30 days of purchase,
no questions asked.

Return Center Hubs

Interior layouts for The Return centers are designed with the customer in mind.
Customers can come in and go out
as quickly as possible.

Clothing Rental/Recycle

Help the environment and the planet
by recycling unwanted clothing. You can
also rent a garment and return it after
your event.

Orders processed per year across menswear, womenswear and babywear.
Projects Completed
Garments cleaned per week by our highly skilled team.
Jackets go through our steam tunnel every hour.
the method


Your business model can be improved by committing to a circular economy with The Return. We renew damaged, non-usable returns and pre-owned clothing to like new condition so they can be resold and re-used by the next customer. Our system extends the life of textiles, diverts waste from landfills, and provides brands and retailers with an additional revenue stream. At the same time contributing to a healthy planet!

Ready To Start Your New Project With The Return?

At The Return, we’re not a one-size fits all solution. We will create a fulfillment plan tailored to your business needs. Once launched, we take care of the entire reverse logistics process.